How we work

Our way of delivering aid


  1. We raise funds, in Sweden and the rest of Europe.
  2. Deliveries are planned and coordinated with drivers and other volunteers on site in Ukraine.
  3. Aid workers gather in central Ukraine and buy goods that have been requested. *
  4. The purchased material is repackaged into smaller packages / bags for distribution to individuals.
  5. Aid workers and other volunteers drive out to the war-torn areas and personally deliver the goods.

* All purchases are documented. Receipts are photographed and available.

Where we deliver aid


Our aid shipments go mainly to small villages in the countryside north of Kyiv, often in the vicinity of the evacuated zone around Chernobyl.

Advantages of sending funds


  • Every penny gets through and makes a difference.
  • The money does not get stuck in traffic jam or border controls, but arrives immediately.
  • Today, Kyiv has functioning goods deliveries and most things can be bought on site.
  • Through close contact with those who receive aid, we know the needs before each assignment.